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Tuesday, 17 January 2012

What does bracketing means and how to use it ?

This topic is useful for almost all dslr cameras?
If u have ever wondered about how to use bracketing then you are in the right place.
I have seen people getting confused over how to take 3 consecutive shots(automatically) using bracketing mode? Keep reading and i'll explain it to you ?
Why to use bracketing function in a camera?
Imagine you are in a function when someone is presenting a gift to a chairman , in a function . You wish to take a pic of that handover which will just last for about 5 secs . You don't want to take a picture (dark picture ) and then go on changing your setting and by the time you are ready to take the second picture , you are too late.
At this instance you use bracketing function to take 3 contineous pictures with
Picture no. 1 = slightly under exposed

Picture no. 2 = normal exposed

Picture no. 3 = slightly over exposed
You can later choose , from these 3 pictures, the best one you think is best for you.
Let's move to bracketing now . HOW TO SET UP UR CAMERA ?
1. change the shooting mode of the camera to Rapid L .(video available on my youtube channel)
2. set your bracketing function to 3F (three frames)
3. point at your subject and press the shutter button and hold it , until 3 pictures are taken .
4. review your photographs and choose the best one you like .
Pls use the links below to see the videos on how to
change shooting modes
set up bracketing function
After reading this article , you will be able to use the bracketing function in your camera and be able to use it accordingly .

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